A knowledge network for sustainability

Project Pura, with Hogeschool UCLL & VKW Limburg as structural partners, researches sustainability needs of larger businesses and connects them with the right partners to accelerate towards their sustainability targets.

There’s a large focus on ESG-goals. Session are organised around topics like energy, sustainable transport, CO2, but also the welbeing of employees and sustainability reporting. At these sessions, businesses can share knowledge and learn from each other, as well as look for collaborations or partnerships with other big businesses or knowledge partners.

Enterprise Plan

Join our growing network of middle-large and large companies wanting to make an impact! With our B2B forum, events and one-to-one support we help you meet your sustainability needs.

Show your successes

Show off how you tackle challenges regarding sustainability. Inspire others by putting your succesful projects on display.

Discover new technologies

You'll find companies developing innovative technologies to tackle sustainability challenges at our Sustainable Tech Days.

Tailored support

We'll find the right partners and support you in terms of legal changes, subsidies and sustainability reporting.

Monthly personal follow-up

Once a month we check in to see how we can tailor our plan to your specific needs and maximize the value for you.

Interested? Feel free to send an email to Shaun!


Kickoff Event

On May 23th 2022 we organized our kickoff event at the UCLL Campus Diepenbeek, in collaboration with UCLL, VKW Limburg and the city of Hasselt! We are proud to say we had over 160 visitors. Press was present as well; articles (in Dutch) have been written for Het Laatste Nieuws and VRT NWS.

Read more about it here.